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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Nothing against that review but it's not as good as other monitor reviews. They lack the proper competition and Adobe RGB comparisons. That's why I'm interested in more reviews.

Targeting the professional market with 8-bit panel and WLED? No way. Professional market uses 10-bit and RGB LED (or CCFL), those very rare 30" screens are still in the $3500+ range. 10-bit and CCFL still works great for the semi-professional market because it's not that expensive but still, especially when it comes to color gamut, much better than WLED, which is fine for entry level IPS screens. That's why so many TN panels use WLED but promote it as a feature

The Dell and this Samsung cost about the same here, for me the Dell would be the better choice.

Still, I'm sure you'll be very, very pleased with those screens if you're coming from TN panels Enjoy them! Those are an awesome Christmas present

Don't get me wrong here, i know there are some amazing displays with even better color fidelity than these obviously and i wasn't comparing them to those at all, as if nothing else the latter cost a huge amount of money and have even higher specs overall...

But for the money, wich across 3 screens is already fairly hefty(2700$), it's definitely a big step up over the budget stuff most use, competes nicely with IPS and E-IPS panels from other brands that sell within that same price range, and offers almost the highest possible resolution available on a computer display, at anything even remotely considered affordable, so in that sense i'm sure i'll be pretty happy with them...

Wich Dell were you referring to?.... The U2711?
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