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Default Card recommendation?

I'm going to buy a used desktop box this week, and need a recommendation on an NVIDIA graphics card that will feed digital video and digital audio to my Insignia NS-L42Q-10A flatscreen TV through an HDMI port.

From the flatscreen, I connect my older stereo amplifier through an s/pdif port on the flatscreen to an external DAC. I have confirmed that the audio from flatscreen does indeed get passed through the s/pdif port to the stereo.

I don't need much of a card. It just has to drive the 1920 x 1080 flatscreen at native resolution, and provide digital stereo sound. I'm not a gamer. The card must drive the flatscreen through the HDMI port.

IIUC, pretty much any of the recent NVIDIA cards will do this. However, if some work better than others, then I'd like to know. I'm running Kubuntu 11.10.

So, recommendations, anyone?


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