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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Yes, I was referring to that model.

I was going for 3 of them as the initial plan, but these samsungs seem to have a few advantages over the U2711's:

The anti glare coating seems to be better on the samsungs as they're considered less grainy, as i know some complain about it on the dell U2711's, even to the point of trying to remove it, wich risks scrapping the panel( crazy to even try it i know).

The external power supply on the samsungs is pretty cool in terms of replacement should it fail...I can do it myself, while it's built internally on the Dell's, wich means shipping the whole panel to repair it.

There is a slight improvement in pixel response times with the samsung(5 Ms versus 6 Ms) and the stand on the sansungs support portait mode, while the Dell's stand doesn't, so i can do either 7680*1440 or 4320*2560 modes across 3 screens....The panels also use less power, but that's a minor thing really.

So it's little advantages here and there that add up, though the Dell U2711 does have impressive picture quality, of that there's no doubt of it, but since this is brand new tech being introduced by samsung and aimed at the same market as the U2711, and the very good review it got at that site i linked, i figure i'll be the guinea pig and try it out...

Did the forums crash last night for several hours?
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