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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
This doesn't make sense to you?

Why would AMD undercut themselves selling a card with 2 X 7950 performance for much less than two 7950s? No one would buy two 7950s?

Much less is a relative term here, since they's rumored to launch at 450$....The main advantage of the HD7990 is that it maintains all the shaders and texture units operational, wich some are disabled on the HD7950.

Now obviously a card like this is going to be just as much a power hog as the HD6990 and the GTX590, even more so when overclocking it so it beg's to be water cooled to keep it silent and have lower operating temperatures and potentially higher overclocks.

As for the price, it's mostly that it's been several years since we've seen prices this high for a video card regardless of brand, especially considering that the die size for the tahiti GPU's the HD7990 uses clocks in at 365mm^ and not the 500mm^+ seen with Nvidia GPU's, wich makes them more expensive to make since fewer are coming out of each wafer...
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