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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Ok. Makes sense.
The pivot stand is definitely a plus. I have a third-party stand for one of my HPs when working on the Mac Pro and a screen like that in portrait mode is just amazing.
That stand alone was $200 so if you get them included, that's a big plus.

In my opinion and experience, response time is just a small factor of the whole equation. Input lag due to an image processor can add a lot more delay. The Dells (2711, 3011) don't really excel here because of their scaling ability and image processor. Most users say they don't notice it but it's definitely there. But it's not something I want and that's why I always bought high quality screens without image scalers/processors.
Not sure how the Samsung behaves in this regard but apparently it does have some soft of image processor. That would be interesting to see in upcoming reviews from sites like Anandtech or PRAD.

Although, as for the PLS panel itself, it probably can't compete with the Dell's 10 bit IPS.

I'm sure we'll see more reviews as the months roll on, and that's what we'll see compared with the Dell 2711, wich is pushing nearly 2 years since the model was introduced...
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