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Default Re: Bethesda, most embarassing CPU optimization of the decade

Some feedback on this mod says that the drawback from it is that some triggers don't happen anymore.
For example, some event that would happen on the first walk in to a city will not trigger. I did not try it so far as perfs are already quite good on my setup (or I have low standards?)

As far as avoiding Skyrim, this is a ridiculous statement. I have clocked about 90h on it and i'm still far from done. The world is gigantic and beautiful. Vanilla Skyrim works great on my setup and although it *could* both look and behave even better, there is no real failing there. This game is bigger than most *series* of games and is a ridiculously good value. If you liked any of the past TES, you should definitely give it a try, I doubt you would regret it.

Me, I'll keep enjoying that great game (I can expect another 20h more easily from the quests I have and I want to finish, probably a lot more quests I have not started yet) and then I'll wait for the mods to roll in and probably play it more in a while (or not. I rarely go back to games once put aside).
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