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Default I love my new 55" LG passive 3d HDTV... but

EDIT: is a great place to start figuring out calibration as is "Thanks Hogrider"

---------My original rambling post below-------------

I had begun to wonder if I needed to start sacrificing small animals to finally gain the favor of the codec/renderer/device driver gods in order for the audio and video to actually be in sync when playing 3d Blu-rays on the PC using PowerDVD 11 at 24p.

It seems that the newest version of ReClock (June 06, 2011)at default settings does the trick.

If anyone has trouble with a/v sync when running 24p, then give ReClock a try. "Direct Link"

I don't think I'll ever go back to active 3d, passive 3d TVs are great tech already and they will only improve, no doubt glasses free 3d will be next though. Also, when using an LG HDTV for a PC monitor, don't forget to set the HDMI input name for your PC to "PC" to totally get rid of input lag when gaming.

This 55lw5300 has great color, gamma and b/w levels and contrast. The controls are capable of a pretty fine calibration. I had wondered about the 'Local Dimming' on a LED edge lit display(as opposed to 'Local Dimming' on a display with LED full array lighting), but it seems to work pretty well in -most- situations.

The 'fake' 3d effect for converting regular 2d to something approximating 3d is also pretty promising. Though I actually prefer the fake 3d effect of PowerDVD 11 to that of the TV's. (Heh, at least since I finally got the a/v synch problems tamed.)

We got 4 pairs of those (really light) polarized LG glasses with the set and we already had 8 or 9 of the Real3d glasses from going to the movies, so we're set for 3d Glasses. Now it's -really- not a big deal if our (all too human) relatives and friends accidentally destroy them.

I'm just liking this cheap set a lot. The first thing we watched on it was "IMAX Under The Sea 3D" and it was really an excellent example of 3d with which to test. I had worried that the passive 3d would be lacking, but I was completely wowed. It's extremely bright and colorful with blacks that are practically indistinguishable from the black bezel in a dark room. It feels like you could just reach out and scratch that cod under the chin as it swims toward you right in the middle of your gaming/theater room.

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