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Default Re: Card recommendation?

Originally Posted by Frank616 View Post
I've been out of this for too many years.... What is XBMC and what is it used for? I checked Wikipedia, but I still don't fully understand. Is this some sort of program, or hardware that allows the use of a remote to control the computer?
You might have guessed as much from the website, but it's an application (effectively one that replaces the KDE desktop, although you can run it on top) which presents a TV-like interface to your music, videos, streaming websites, etc.

Can hook up a remote control and control the whole thing from your sofa. I rip DVDs and Blu-Rays onto a hard disk and XBMC presents them as a list with IMDB information, so I can see my whole collection and watch anything without messing with discs. It's well worth the effort.
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