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Default Re: Bethesda, most embarassing CPU optimization of the decade

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
This is awesome. It's the communities that form and mod and solve problems that are needed to keep PC gaming alive.

Everyone complains games run so poorly now. I guess you weren't around in the DOS, WIN 3.11 days. Now that was rough... Tweaking bat files to get sound, mouse and enough memory left over to actually start the game, despite your massive 8mb of RAM. ::

Sorry, just finished the Tex Murphy series after all these years, made me reminisce. ::
My first computer was an Apple IIe. From that I went to a Zenith Supersport 286. Had an insane 2MB of RAM and 40MB HDD as well as a built-in floppy drive! Gotta' be honest I miss the old DOS days.
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