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Default LCD Diffuser breakdown, am I the lucky one?

Ok... so my main laptop and 3rd lcd has just suddenly developed this problem..

I have had many laptops now, and one lcd monitor for the long term. None of them have ever gotten a dead pixel. Infact the only device iv'e ever had that had dead pixels was my first color pocket pc, and my camera. On the flip side, in my fathers laptop, my dell monitor, and now my current laptop a defect has appeared that is not the lcd, but the diffuser. On my dads laptop and my dell, it looks like a tear dropped shape spot about the size of a dime that is significantly brighter. And my current laptop it is a small bright spec which funny enough, dis appears completely if I am looking at the lcd head on or slightly upward.

Yet when I try and search for reasons these happen and maybe how to fix it, You can't go without tripping over hot pixels, but there is little to no information about any diffuser damage.

Anyone with any information on this issue?
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