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Default Greetings, I come pleading for help

Hello all, I've been lurking these forums for about the last week or so - ever since I decided to take the linux plunge.

I've been a computer nerd since the days of DOS 4, and I have used Windows since 3.0.

I decided to check out linux for one simple reason - to achieve better framerates in the single FPS game that I play, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. I heard that linux was a much more efficient OS than Windows. That peaked my interest because I'm an avid system tweaker.

So, being a Windows user and a Linux noob, I think, "Ok, just install linux and install the drivers from nVidia and everything will be cool". I couldn't have been more incorrect. I got Red Hat 9 and Mandrake 9.2 and tried my luck installing ET/drivers etc. This has, so far, been an excercise in futility.

I thought I could find pretty much any answers I needed by browsing the forums, but that has not done the job. So I'm hoping that I can get this working by asking all of you helpful Linux users how the fark I can get these openGL/nVidia drivers working!

System Info:
Mandrake Linux Download Edition 9.2
P4 - 1.5
GeForce3 64MB VRAM


I have the newest nVidia drivers,, downloaded. I try to simply double-click on this file, nothing. Ok, that's expected.

So I did some digging and ran the file in the command line like this:


while logged in as root, and the following error message appears:

"ERROR: Unable to find the system utility 'ld'; please make sure you have the package "binutils" installed. If you do not have binutils installed, then please check that 'ld' is in your PATH."

And that's pretty much where I'm stumped. Having no knowledge of linux, this error message might as well be written in Swahili.

Can anyone tell me what my next step should be to rectify this problem?

Many, many thanks to anyone that can help.
fAAt teh linux noooooobie
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