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Default confused about the new 5* drivers

ok reading several threads on this board, to me it seems that the new drivers are super flakey and causes many oops.

I am reformating my system and putting FC1 on it.

Now what do you guys recommend?
First of all, should I go with the 2.6 kernel and install the 5238 drivers from

go with the 2.4 kernel and use which one .. or official drivers..

or just stick with 2.4 kernel and the 4496 ...

I have a Ti4600 and don't really run any 3d apps. I just use dualhead which is my biggest concern!
also, when I installed the 4496 on my current FC1 system, I had to do this method:

let me know guys...

p.s. are the minion drivers that easy...a simple sh NVIDIA*
and the installer will run?
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