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Default Re: I love my new 55" LG passive 3d HDTV... but

Originally Posted by frenchy2k1 View Post
My problem with passive 3D is the loss of resolution, as half of the fields are displayed for each eye.
This is the new interlace.
When will people stop believing that...

Next, while tackling the topic of whether FPR’s “half-resolution” passive 3D provides lower-quality imagery than active 3D, Soneira discovered a surprising result: despite using “just” 540 horizontal lines for each eye, passive 3D still provided “full 1080p” resolution — and better yet, rather unintuitively, passive 3D produces sharper images than active 3D. Soneira gives a complex explanation for why this is so, but it basically boils down to a neurological process called image fusion, or, in other words, “active 3D TVs might sound like they have higher specs, but in practical use, our brains prefer passive 3D.”
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