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run this command as root

urpmi binutils

and u should be golden


urpmi updates your "RPM" (a package handler) and basically mdk is telling you that it cannot find the program/packaged named binutils.

So when u run the command:
urpmi binutils,

mandrake will look on its files and seee which installation cd has that package .. if no installtion cd (i believe) it will look on the internet.

so remember to have your installation cds handy, as i can guarantee it will be on the cds....
this is also known as a FAILED DEPENDENCY
meaning it failed to find one of the dependent packages

hope it helps.... you will learn linux slowly as you go .. i might sound like I know alot, but heck, I am still a n00b..only 3-4 weeks into it...but learn A LOT your first 2 weeks!!
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