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Default Re: Flash Player, GTX 485M and vdpau: youtube videos stop refreshing upon seeking

Originally Posted by FuguTabetai View Post
I had the same problem with seeking in flash video as above, but upgrading to the 11.2 beta did solve that problem.

It also turned all of the people in the Hobbit HD trailer (and other youtube videos) blue, like smurfs. And the NBA TV client repeatedly pauses and unpauses the video. It did enable hardware video decoding, which I wasn't able to do before though. I tried to disable the "use hardware acceleration" setting from the Settings... dialog, but so far when I try to pull up that dialog box, the flash instance freezes and I can't do anything (change setting, dismiss box, etc.)
It seems you are hitting two more issues I have reported to Adobe:The unresponsive UI issue is said to be fixed in Adobe internal builds already. The colour issue, on the other hand, is still in progress. To me it only happens with software rendering though, HW rendering fixes the colours (but then causes the crashes). Could you perhaps register on Adobe bugbase and vote for the issue/post your system configuration? This might draw more attention to it.
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