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Default Re: Dissapointed with Sandy Bridge in general

Originally Posted by wheeljack12 View Post
asrock mb's warranty is region and vendor specific according to their website. Newegg lists the asrock extreme 4 as 1 year warranty. I originally had that mb but I exchanged it for the gigabyte x79-ud3. Mainly due to the "5 year warranty" over 1. In reality, if you try to register the ud3 mb on the gigabyte website, gigabyte says that model is not eligible for 5 years warranty. So, I still get 3 years regardless and better quality. Maybe that's why asrock gets knocked, because they seem to put out a ok product but crap warranty.
My Extreme 7, which replaced my Gigabyte UD4, has a three year warranty and is a much better board than the Gigabyte. In fact, they just recalled the X79 UD3 for being defective so you might want to check out getting yours replaced. They should have done the same for their P67 UD4 because it's a big hunk of **** as well and is the worst motherboard I've ever owned.

Gigabyte hasn't put out a decent board since the X58 and is no longer a company I would put in the "better quality" category.

ASRock gets knocked because people don't know about or haven't used their current line up of boards. Basically they don't know any better. Their current products are as good as anything out there, and have been getting glowing reviews across the board.
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