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Originally Posted by ElL33t View Post
The community in SWTOR is horrible. It is the exact same as WoW. I was in a flashpoint I had never been in last night. The boss has an add that targets on person but it moves very slowly. It targeted me so I backed up but didn't realize there was a zone line so it reset the boss. It targeted me the second time and I did the same thing, then I caught on. Just then the whole group was saying how terrible I am and I'm an idiot. At most I wasted 30 seconds of life from these little girls. I said calm down and stop crying over nothing. I hadn't been in here for and I didn't know. They said then I shouldn't be in there. It was a very easy flash point but people are insecure and have to put down other people over a game. So I was told to go back to WoW where it is safe for me.... as if SWTOR is a hard game. I've soled it all thus far. It's just pathetic how people have become in games. They get even worse when you laugh at them for being little girls and you don't care about their insults.

So yeah, the community is pathetic in SWTOR already. Next we will have number crunching twits who only let you in their group if you have a certain gear score. In fact one guy in my guild says fun= top dps and high gear score. It is that childish mentality that makes me want to not play these games.

So far I have to say the chats are a lot more mature then I seen in any other game which is surprising. Once in a while I see a WoW vs SWTOR, but for the most part I see people are extremely helpful, especially when people ask general questions in chat.

I have been on a few groups, and for the most part they were overall good experiences, but to be honest I have done 60% solo, and 30% when I group with some friends of mine, so have not done too much PUG.
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