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Default Re: Official Forza Motorsport 4 Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Quick420 View Post
I got an Xbox just to play forza 3&4.I think they are both awesome games.They look quite good and my buddies and I play every weekend.Once you start turning off the assists they are challenging that's for sure.I even had to track down a ffb wheel to complete the package,this weekend is going to be epic.We pick a few tracks and cars and lay the money down,at the end the best time takes the pot....literally
IF you buy a FF wheel do not set the steering in game to simulation. Post patch the changes to this setting make it better for controllers and horrible for wheels. The owner of Fanatec posted this suggestion and as an owner of a Fanatec Gt2 I concur. Before the patch sim more was more like normal. Now normal setting is like the old sim setting. You can run with all other assists off though. It doesnt really assist you buy the way. It just counters over steer that was introduced to sim setting by the patch..

Using 900 degress rotation seems a bit much too. I run 800..
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