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Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
So? Your cpu runs at the speed you paid for.
Trivium Nate is a very unique individual. See- where you or I would post a thread describing what we are trying to do, the hardware we are trying to do it on, and what we've already done to attempt to reach said goal in a rational, thought out, and easy to follow manner... Trivium nate nerd rages instead, with fragments of information scattered about his posts.

He does not like to invest the time here to formulate a well laid-out post presenting his issue. Instead he angrilly button-mashes a post together then calls us names for not rushing to his aid in this time of dire need he is going through.

I opt to keep as much distance from him as I can. See- I view him as a ticking time bomb. I fear that if I try and help him to the best of my abilities but fail, in his nerd rage he'll summon his uber-hulk-strength and smash me into a million itsy-bitsy pieces!

Anyhow, be careful- he's a dangerous one.
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