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Default Re: Thinking of building this! Would like some feedback

Originally Posted by Yaboze View Post
Well, if you're running one card, it's enough.

I doubt I could run two 580's on my Corsair HX1000, but I could probably run 2 560Ti's...maybe.

I bought the 1000W because I was originally going to go to a dual GPU card, like the GTX 590 or 5970 (which was out at the time), but decided on a 480.
I've been out of the uber-high end for some years now. I bought this PSU I presently have in the middle of '06 in anticipation for G80. I was running an Opty 185 @ about 3.2GHz if I recall, 4GB of DDR400, the ASUS A8N32 SLi DLx mobo, and then dual 8800GTSs (G80), later dual 8800GTXs. And those were considered to be power hogs. This PSU did it without breaking a sweat.

Now days it seems the "mainstream cards" require upwards of 1kw? Granted that is SLi but I was able to run dual 8800GTXs, with the top of the line CPU at the time and it was over clocked, 4GB of high performance memory on arguably the highest-end motherboard at that time... on this 850watt PSU. And to this day it is still going strong. I dunno... this just seems rediculous. It's like back in the 80s when efficiency of a motor wasn't considered. The bigger the block and the greater the number of cyclenders the better! Slap some headers on taht beast, a cold air intake- what, only 1MPG WHO CARES!!! I HAVE FIVE BAJILLION HORSE POWER IN THIS BEAST!

I'm sorry, way off topic. My apologies to the op.
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