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Originally Posted by Greedo View Post
find a guide on an amd or oc forum and follow it. there is much more to over clocking than raising cpu voltage.
This is about all I know. I know that it involves voltages, sometimes the multiplier, the FSB doesn't really exist anymore per se but memory frequencies are involved, and by upping any or all of this you risk other components that may be tied to them being effected which means you'd have to compensate... it's a bit more involved now days than it was 5 years ago. Or at least it seems to be. I'm sure once you read up on it, it will all make sense. But I haven't even attempted to OC my 920. Mostly cause I don't feel I need to be also because it seems way complicated. By the time this stock 920 is holding me back I'll be onto a new CPU and mobo I imagine.

Trivium Nate, I used to be a very avid and frequent member over at You might want to head over there. Just understand that forum is much smaller than this one so any responses wont come as quickly as they do here. I've posted a thread and not gotten a response till the next day, sometimes longer. But the people there are very smart and know a whole lot about AMD's CPUs and mobos. It'd be a great place to go for assistance if you can be patient.

The overclocker' comes to mind as well as a some of the other "big-name" forums. While you're waiting for people to reply to your thread(s) you could also hit up Google and see what you can find. You're not the only person with that mobo and cpu trying to OC. I'm sure there's a lot of info out there if you'll just take the time to look for it.
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