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Default Re: Help! Laggy BIOS

That is really hard to say. How ever stress on the RAM while in the BIOS should be almost non-existant. Especially with a 4GB stick @ DDR3 1600. This could be the sign of a larger problem.

As you're posting here I can assume you have access to another computer. I'd DL the latest BIOS for your new MOBO and try flashing the BIOS. Then see if that problem occurs again. Could be a buggy BIOS, could be indication of some HW issues. You almost never hear of defective CPUs but as rare as they are I never rule it out as a possibility, could also be his stick of RAM not playing nice with your mobo.

Quick story-

When I first built my present computer finances were a bit tight so I just got 4GB (2x2GB) of G.SKill DDR3 1600. Worked great from the get go. Well, about 8 months later I wanted more RAM as I was starting to do more with VMs and such so I was quickly hitting my 4GB and hate having a page file. So I ordered 2x1GB of Crucial DDR3 1333 value RAM. When I got the RAM I went to install it and my system would not POST. I removed the Crucial RAM and just left the G. Skill in- it posted fine. Took the G.Skill out and put the Crucial in, POSTed fine and even booted to desktop no problems. I ran memtest over night on the Crucial and then again the next night on the G.Skill, no errors. Yet if I tried to run both the G.Skill and the Crucial together even after manually setting the memory options in the BIOS to match the slower Crucial sticks... no POST.

Well, about 8 months later I flashed my BIOS to the latest and decided to try that Crucial RAM once more. Worked perfectly with the G.Skill and Crucial together. I now had 6GB of DDR3 1333 in dual channel. And it was memtest stable over night.

Short of it is your mobo and CPU combo may not play nice with that particular stick. RAM, MOBOs, and CPUs can be odd items to pair up. Problems occuring for what seems like no logical reason.

I say flash that BIOS and see what happens. If you still have issues you could either RMA the mobo and CPU or wait untill your RAM arrives and try it again. It may work fine with the RAM you ordered and just not like your bro's G.Skill RAM.
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