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Default Re: Official Forza Motorsport 4 Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Quick420 View Post
Thnx for the info.I am running in sim mode,and it does steer kinda weird after I updated my xbox.I'm off to do a few laps.
It all depends on the amount of rotation you have. If you use a wheel that has adjustable rotation like the gt2 and use 270 sim mode might be ok. If you use a 900 wheel (1 and 1/2 turns from lock to lock) then you will find even the smallest loss of rear end impossible to correct in sim mode. This is why the owner of Fanatec made the suggestion.

It really is almost impossible to recover from even the most tiny rear end loss because the physics in sim mode reflect the ability of a controller to move from lock to lock (left to right) in an instant where turning a 900 degrees wheel one and one half turns take WAY longer. They should have called it Physics mode and wheel and pad as the two settings.
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