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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
It's got no choice and has to do it with pretty decent margins since AMD's card launched first, and there's still no solid ETA on when the high end version of kepler will be released, otherwise Nvidia would get roasted in reviews if it's only marginally faster too, but one has to wonder though what are the main priorities for the design on both tahiti and kepler.

Even though we use them primarily as gaming cards, i couldn't help but notice that the biggest performance increase with AMD's tahiti is in GP-GPU, as double precision floating point math got doubled over Cayman and is now twice as high as Fermi, as well as having direct hooks to help with programing likely using OpenCL.

So as much as we want maximum game performance, Nvidia also has to seriously buff up the raw math abilities and acheivable real world performance in GP-GPU, wich has nothing to do with gaming, yet the resources to do that heavy math are shared within the same die as the resources needed to make it a fast gaming card, so it's a delicate balance to make....As much as we're gamers above all else, it isn't just about gaming anymore, it's beyond that too.
True thats why the performance increase in game benchmarks from the AMD 7970 isn't justifiable against a GTX580...Throw a GTX580 3GB into the works which is around the same price as a 7970 and there isnt much difference at all in some real world benchmarks. Considering that 'imo' AMD has always been the budget option i certainly see no reason to go down the AMD route at this time...I also very highly doubt that Nvidias next flagship card will only be a small increase in performance from a GTX580 3gb but we will have to see...
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