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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
True thats why the performance increase in game benchmarks from the AMD 7970 isn't justifiable against a GTX580...Throw a GTX580 3GB into the works which is around the same price as a 7970 and there isnt much difference at all in some real world benchmarks. Considering that 'imo' AMD has always been the budget option i certainly see no reason to go down the AMD route at this time...I also very highly doubt that Nvidias next flagship card will only be a small increase in performance from a GTX580 3gb but we will have to see...

One thing to keep in mind though is that this is a whole new arch that will be used for the next few years, and the performance we've seen so far is from the initial driver, so that's bound to improve over time, and it is competing with the GTX580 wich at this point has very mature drivers and there's probably not much more performance to dish out, though i do agree that in some games and settings, especially the 3 monitor setups, the 3 GB versions of the GTX580 do make a difference.

Depending on when Kepler is going to be released, and even though the HD7970 will go thru no hardware changes at all, it'll have drivers that are a bit more mature by then and more importantly, extracting more performance, so relying on these initial reviews amounts of a first glimpse, and i don't doubt it'll get another 15~20% faster 6 months from now( on average of course) with better drivers.

Kepler will be in the same situation the HD7970 is now once it releases, with it being a new architecture and it's initial drivers not exposing everything the GPU can do either, and it being a process that takes time until it's pretty close to it's maximum(probably over an entire year).
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