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Originally Posted by Bah! View Post
So far on The Ebon Hawk the Empire is pretty cool. Occasionally you will get the random idiot in chat, but it's nothing like it was in WoW. Even on the Republic side of things, which is surprisingly worse, it's not close to the stupidity of what I remember from playing WoW.

The only issues I've run into while running Flashpoints is that people are so used to just grouping, killing the final boss and leaving that they drop the group without actually finishing the story which means less social points for the rest of us.

Overall I'm still having a blast. Sitting at 33 on my BH, finished chapter 1 and got my Legacy title, and am going to play a couple other characters for a bit for a change of pace. I'm loving that I don't feel the need to rush to the end, and that the fun actually starts at level 1, unlike other MMO's these days.

Edit: If you want to see world class WoW syndrome visit the ToR forums. Good grief, what a cesspool. Just went for my first visit since release and won't be visiting again. It's like every moron and baby on the planet decided to visit the same place at one time.

Yeah I am rather impressed with general chat on my server though last two planets general chat has been very little, not much is happening, i guess as you get higher levels, people get in guilds and chat there for the most part.

Did you go merc or powertech? I went merc and starting to regret my choice, I am having fun but just spamming tracer missile over and over is kind of getting boring
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