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Originally Posted by Ghosthunter View Post

Did you go merc or powertech? I went merc and starting to regret my choice, I am having fun but just spamming tracer missile over and over is kind of getting boring
I went Merc and for a couple of levels after getting tracer missles I was regretting it as well, because spamming it was the best dps in just about any situation. However, once you get up the skill tree a bit and get the upgraded Rail shot and Unload it starts getting better and soon after that, if you keep going up the tree, you will get Heatseeker missles to toss into your rotation as well.

Powertech dps is all up in your face melee range stuff and I wasn't too keen on that which made Merc the only real choice for me. Besides that they are adding in dual specs here soon and I want my off spec to be a healer, I'm not a huge tanking person. Of course, if one of the Legacy perks ends up making Transdoshan a playable race, I'll probably end up making a second BH anyway and it will be Powertech.
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