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Default Re: suggestion for mini-itx computer

Originally Posted by frenchy2k1 View Post
Your video is quite underpowered.
Get at least a GT430/440 or GT240. GT210/220 are really weak, the 8400 even more so.
At that point, even the embedded video from the latest AMD could be competitive (and the CPU might even be better than what you have now)
I forgot to wrote that i want to build a mostly passiv ITX-PC as far as possible. This means it would be nice to have a flexible CPU and GPU for high and low power usage, depending on what i need. But i dont want a high end gaming pc, because it is nearly only for office and only 10% for low resolution gaming (example ETQW in low resolution mode). Further on i want to watch HD Videos. The chassis would have two fans.

Is it possible to use the GT430/440 or GT240 passiv?
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