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Default I hate you itunes

iOS lover here... recent events have had me first try and move my entire itunes collection to my laptop to synch with, and another had caused the destruction of the library files from the original pc (os reformat).

So let me list the **** that itunes can't do.

Itunes will not back up its library files.
Itunes will not stick its library files in the same damn place as your media library... you know cause having that option would be just dumb.
Itunes will in no way...even having access to your account logon and even the possibility to talk between the original itunes and what not, transfer ownership of a device.
Once the original synch pc is lost, itunes will do everything to screw you out of the music on the player when creating a new host for the ipod.
Accept that it fails.. does not wipe the ipod like it says it does.. instead it thinks your ipod is now filled with gigabytes of unknown data that it will ignore, and bitches it does not have enough space to upload your 16gigs of music/data on your 32gb ipod touch.
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