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Default Re: I love my new 55" LG passive 3d HDTV... but

I'm not sure what you mean, but I think you don't mean PIP. You'd have to use different glasses if I'm understanding you correctly, otherwise you'd see one channel with your left eye and one with your right eye. If that's what you mean, I'm still not seeing the point.

Theoretically 2 people could use one TV as 2 separate 2d screens at the same time. One using a pair of glasses with 2 left lenses and one using a pair with 2 right lenses. It would be simple to achieve using the split screen method and just turning on the tv's SBS or T/B 3d mode.

Ghosting is negligible when looking at a 3d scene, but I think it would be more apparent using the TV to use 2 separate video streams.

LOL, KK, just did it using SBS method using 2 separate video players MPC and KMplayer. Just turned off aspect ratio and stretched them each to fit one side of the screen and turned on SBS on the TV. You can see the ghosting when watching different movies this way, but it is very mild, looks almost like a very slight reflection in the screen.

I could imagine 2 people gaming or watching 2 separate full screen 16/9 shows on a single monitor using this method, but even a minimum amount of ghosting would make this less than ideal. It's simple enough to have the respective audio streams go to different devices, say HDMI for one and speakers for the other, then both could use headphones.

Is this what you mean?
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