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Default Re: I love my new 55" LG passive 3d HDTV... but

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
When will people stop believing that...
My parents got a cheap Vizio set that use basically the same passive 3d tech as the LGs and I was completely wowed by the fact that it's half the vertical resolution. I thought there would be massive flickering and jagged edges from being interlaced, but I could NOT at all tell the difference from full 1080p. I read the consumer reports review of the screen and they complained about the interlacing. But I swear I could not at all figure out what they were going on about. Cheap glasses, affordable set, no headaches. Not sure you could ask for more from passive 3d. This is definitely 3d for the masses. When 3d becomes natively implemented in directx 11.1 I may get into it. I see HP now makes a 23" passive 3d monitor...
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