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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
For benching yes, but for games absolutely not. Pretty much all games I have seen don't run any better in a Quad GPU setup. I would say they perform worse in a lot of cases. 2 single GPU's is a better way to go in Crossfire or SLI IMO. Anything over and above 2 GPU's the returns in gaming are less and less the more you add. Plus the expense, is not justifiable.

I know that fully as a former owner of a pair of HD4870 X2's and a pair of HD5970's.... They can be very finicky and sometimes the second dual GPU card actually slows down performance( negative scaling), never mind not having a positive boost, however minor it might be.

However, my triple GTX580 setup has treated me good on both benchmarks and real world gaming performance, but it's not say that i'm not tempted by 3 HD7970's in triple crossfire, as it would be a lie.....I just won't touch quad setups from either company basically as they're too finicky.

In any case, i got the new displays coming in this tuesday, wich allows up to 7680*1440 or portrait mode at 4320*2560 pixels in triple screen, so my current video cards as well as any future GPU upgrades, are going to hate my guts plenty to give them that much of a workload with AA on top, and in game options cranked as high as long as the cards can maintain an average of 60 FPS....Let's see just how much punishment these GTX 580's can really take...
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