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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Poor Roadhog. Only posts misinformation,can't build up any credibility. ATI soft launched the 5870 late Sept. 2009, then it was a phantom edition card for the rest of the year. NVidia launched The Gtx480 in March2010, and the 580 in November 2010, 6 & 14 months later respectively. (two years? did you start following this stuff last week?) Of course your lies and errors miss the point that the 480 is the same generation part as the 5870, not the 580 which was a refresh part competing with 6970. Nvidia had the faster part both generations. They will this time as well, people should really think twice about buying a short term leader like the 7970. I'd be pretty pissed off if I spent big bucks on a 7970 and Nvidia flattens it in a couple months...
Two years was a guess, hence the question mark. I didn't feel like adding up the months. I also like how you say the 5870 is launched in late September, but the 480 is just launched in March, yet it was even later into the month. derp. lol. How was it a phantom launch if I ended up buying two of them just a few days after they launched? Odd...

5870 Launched Sept 22nd 2009.
480 Launched March 26th 2010.

6 months later, to only be 7% faster.

14 months later, for the 580 to only be 24% faster than a 5870...

Then the 580 launched Nov 9th 2010, 8 months after the 480. Also, the 6970 launched after the 580(Dec 15th), so at the time of launch the 580 was competing with the 480 and 5870. I never said the 580 was the same generation part as the 5870, though you could say it was since it was just a fixed 480.

If nvidia keeps up the small gains each release, then the 7970 will still be the faster card.

I also don't see why you feel the need to argue these pointless things and bash ATI every chance you get. I want to see nvidia release a fast card as much as you do. There really isn't a point for you to be posting in this thread at all as you haven't added anything worth while to it.
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