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Default Re: Official Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Thread (PC version)

Originally Posted by dikinher View Post
The shouts are useless anyway. They barely do any damage or provide any benefit at all. Elemental Fury seems to be the only one that is quite useful since it speeds up your characters reflexes for like 10 seconds.
Unrelenting Force is nice when you have multiple enemies to fight. Knock them all down, single one of them out and kill him leaving you in an easier situation to deal with. It's also nice if you're low on health. Knocking the enemies down gives you time to use healing spells.

The Aura Whisper is nice for making sure you cleared out everyone at a site. It also gives you a heads up for situations where you will run into multiple enemies.

Another good one would be the one that freezes enemies. Again, gives you time to heal up with spells when facing multiple enemies.

But... just like all Elder Scrolls games, once you level up to a certain point there's no challenge to the game at all. Once I got my enchanting to 100% and smithing to 100% I created double enchanted Daedric armor, upgraded it to legendary, and can pretty much go toe to toe with a Dragon and beat him down with my fists.


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