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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
You did see the charts didn't you?....Those were made by Nvidia themselves, wich(much later) were corrected and 1 year late from the initial timetable.

Bottom line is that your prediction for a high end version of Kepler by march is doubtfull, and i'm putting it as nicely as i can here...
I didn't actually say March, said a few months, but:

Multiple sources have confirmed that Kepler, Nvidia’s GT 600 generation, is coming in Q1 2012, but so far we don’t have any better timeframe than that.

We would not be surprised to see Kepler in some form during CES, next week in Las Vegas, at least as a behind-closed-doors presentation for select members of the press and investors.

Sources close to Nvidia and AIB partners are telling us that Kepler is faster than Radeon HD 7970, but of course you would expect them to claim that their upcoming product is better.
Like I said, would be a shame to pay gouger prices in January if you could buy a superior card for the same or less in February or March.

This should be good news for ATi fans as well though, because the price of 7970 will certainly drop after people see the Kepler benchmarks thrashing it.
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