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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
For you and I it's sort of a moot point anyway. It's not a big upgrade to what we already have, a modest OC gets us half the performance difference of these cards at stock speed. (not to mention we get AO and PhysX, and NVIDIA's superior multi GPU drivers)

For us to get two 7970s would be more of a side grade, basically more of the same with the added inconvenience of waiting for hot fixes on Catalyst drivers.

Ignoring the fact that sapphire will offer cards clocked up to 1335Mhz on the core( water cooled), and even VR-zone took a stock HD7970 from their review, updated it to the latest BIOS from AMD, and got it to hit 1260Mhz....Stock clocks are 925Mhz, so a 300+ Mhz increase on clocks is a decent jump in performance.

You couldn't get a 300 Mhz clock increase with a GTX 580 even if it was water cooled, never mind on strait air cooling using the stock cooler like the article above, and seem to minimize just how big a fight Kepler has on it's hands to beat this by a significant margin.

See the thing you don't seem to realise yet is that, according to you, the small gap that the HD7970 leads the GTX580(25%) aand doesn't make it worth the upgrade, will also be applied to the high end version kepler if it only beats the HD7970 by roughly same amount, but users have to wait months for it to be released, so if the gap is that small, brace yourself for a whole lot of bashing, but i guess you're used to it by now...
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