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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
All nice theories, but like I said:

"How will someone paying gouger prices for a 7970 in January feel if a card that beats it by 20-30% comes out in February or March??"

As for your thoughts on the 25% upgrade being worth it or not, I'm talking about 25% over last gen. 25% over ATi current gen is 50% over last gen, and a much better upgrade.

In regard to the mythical 400MHz OCd Sapphires, I attribute them to the same FUD crew that produces the "official" NVIDIA slides that show high end Kepler in December. ATi would have to be retarded to make stock speed 925MHz on the launch cards for press if their cards can do 1350. LOL- if Kepler is going to launch in the first half of this year the design was done long ago.

See... You're the one quoting february or march for the HD7970 killer, and really setting yourself up for a roasting if nothing shows up by then, and as far as overall performance boosts go, the HD7970 is pretty close to 50% faster than the HD6970, so what's you're point?

Is it that 50% from Nvidia for Kepler over Fermi in performance somehow worth more than the 50% you get from the HD7970 over the HD6970?...Explain?

And never mind the sapphire card at 1335 Mhz.... Look at what VR-zone managed to do with a regular HD7970 just by increasing voltage and still using the stock cooler....A 335Mhz overclock, and shamino already has a result with them cooled on LN2 at 1.7 Ghz...
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