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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Who do you think people will want to roast more?

Me for posting a story that says multiple sources confirm a better card is coming in this business quarter, perhaps causing people to hold off on paying etail gouger prices for a card that is soon going to look second class? (like everything else AMD does)

Or you, who tells them "It will be a long time till Keplers! Buy now like me!" and then they find themselves with cards that are worth far less, and far less attractive if the FUDZilla article is true?

Worst case scenario if I'm wrong- they do without the 7970s unremarkable performance gains for a couple months. (and buy the card(s) for less at that point and save money)

Worst case scenario if you're wrong- they own cards that are devalued by the release of better cards, and being used. So they're stuck with their decision unless they want to eat a big loss.

Sounds to me like my advice will save them money either way and the only loss is a couple months of better performance. Your reckless advice will not only cost them a lot of money if you're wrong, but lock them in a poor choice unless they want to eat a big loss.

Sounds to me like I'm on safer ground than you for the potential "roasting".[

First of all, if Kepler is delayed and doesn't show up by march, AMD have no reason to lower prices at all, so your "logic" is flawed there that they'll lose value, secondly if Kepler shows up and is 50% faster than the GTX580, and thus only 25% faster than the HD7970, wich is hardly a reason for those who already own an HD7970 to get Kepler for such a small increase anyhow....Remember, you're the one who said it'll destroy an HD7970, and 25% faster isn't destroying by any means...Like the old saying goes...."You live by the sword, you also die by the sword", so there's no double standard for Nvidia and saying that 25% over the HD 7970 is destroying it performance wise, when the same 25% isn't enough to get the HD7970 over the GTX580 according to you...

Sure. It depends on what you're looking for from ATi. If you're just looking for them to have a second place card for this gen like they always do, the 7970 is a great card. It does indeed eclipse the 6970 by 40-50% and as such is a success.

The problems come in if you hoped ATi would release an industry leader this generation with their new arch like they did when they bought the 9700 Pro off of ArtX. (or had the arguably better part with the X1900XT) Or if you are an ATi customer because you like their "cheaper but about as good" strategy. As I noted above, this is likely a quick cash grab because they know Kepler is coming soon and they'll be back to cheap soon.

That's a lot of assumptions and leaps of faith right there....I'll go for what is already relased rather than playing the smoke and mirrors game, sitting still for who knows how long until it's released, assuming they don't screw things up and release a GTX480 version with features disabled only to release the proper version 6 months later(AKA the GTX580)....People don't forget screwups that easily you know...Just saying.

LOL- LN2?! They probably OC well on the moon and outside at the North Pole too, but for 99.99999999999999999% of us that doesn't matter.
Overvolting? Yeah, I always like to risk destroying my high end parts so I can either be out $500 or have to see a thief everytime I look in the mirror for that 10% extra performance.

Selective quoting aren't we....The overvolt in question was 1.15v to 1.25v(0.1 volt) to get that HD7970 1260Mhz, and with my GTX580's water cooled, i actually use more than that to get them running stable at 950Mhz, wich is a 180Mhz increase( not 300 Mhz+) and like i said water cooled( not using the stock air cooler).

But as usual, you don't read articles that make the HD7970 far better than you want them to be, so i'll leave it at that...
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