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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
First of all, if Kepler is delayed and doesn't show up by march, AMD have no reason to lower prices at all, so your "logic" is flawed there that they'll lose value,
Prices always drop over time, etailers start competing, running sales to stimulate sales. (unless supplies are so limited they can gouge away)

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
secondly if Kepler shows up and is 50% faster than the GTX580, and thus only 25% faster than the HD7970, wich is hardly a reason for those who already own an HD7970 to get Kepler for such a small increase anyhow....Remember, you're the one who said it'll destroy an HD7970, and 25% faster isn't destroying by any means...Like the old saying goes...."You live by the sword, you also die by the sword", so there's no double standard for Nvidia and saying that 25% over the HD 7970 is destroying it performance wise.
Here, I'll make it easy for you:
Is it more impressive to be:
A. 25% faster than last gen best and 25% slower than current gen best? (7970)
B. 25% faster than current gen second best, 50% faster than last gen best, and current gen best? (kepler)

No "double standard" here, just easy to comprehend facts you're trying to spin away.

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post

That's a lot of assumptions and leaps of faith right there....I'll go for what is already relased rather than playing the smoke and mirrors game, sitting still for who knows how long until it's released, assuming they don't screw things up and release a GTX480 version with features disabled only to release the proper version 6 months later(AKA the GTX580)....People don't forget screwups that easily you know...Just saying.
Personally I'm only recommending people wait till the end of Q1, if NVIDIA hasn't shown their hand by then, buy away. For most people $550+ is a lot of money to make a mistake.

As far as your attempt to FUD goes by mentioning the 480 being late, I actually communicate with NVIDIA staff occasionally. I'll just say I'm comfortable with my recommendation people wait. The first card launched isn't always the one to have.

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
Selective quoting aren't we....The overvolt in question was 1.15v to 1.25v(0.1 volt) to get that HD7970 1260Mhz, and with my GTX580's water cooled, i actually use more than that to get them running stable at 950Mhz, wich is a 180Mhz increase( not 300 Mhz+) and like i said water cooled( not using the stock air cooler).
Your comparisons are meaningless. Different architecture, different die size. You can't predict Kepler OCing in any way with Fermi OCing. There's FUD, and then there's stupid FUD. Your FUD here is the latter.

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
But as usual, you don't read articles that make the HD7970 far better than you want them to be, so i'll leave it at that...
I wish the 7970 was 10X faster than the 580, had DVI output 3d that didn't rely on 3rd party drivers from some penny ante company, had physx and had AO, and had driver profiles for games when they launch- I'd buy two.

But they don't. They only give 15-25% more performance and don't have any of that stuff, so to me they're a ripoff at $550 or likely more.
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