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Default Re: Corsair 120GB Force 3 SSD CSSD-F120GB3-BK

Ive been looking into the controller card option alittle more, Turns out if i purchase a SATA3 controller card, I have to make sure it is at least PCIe x4 to maximize the speed of my drive.

For example, Avoid cards based on the Marvell 9128, Which is PCIe x1 and limits bandwidth to 500mb/s.

I will probably buy a Corsair 120GB Force 3 SSD then when funds permit in a couple of weeks purchase a controller card, Something like this > 2 Port eSATA + 4 Port SATA PCI Express x4 SATA Controller Adapter Card

Ill do some before and after controller card ATTO benchies, If the results suck ill just return the controller card.
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