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Default Rome: Total War Gold Edition on Wine causes driver crash


I attempted to run Rome: Total War Gold Edition through Steam on Wine 1.3.35 on a GeForce 6150SE on Linux 3.1.5 with blob 290.10. A black window appears but the game crashes immediately. There is only one item in the backtrace (which I didn't save, so this isn't exact): I will get the exact backtrace later tonight.

This does NOT occur with nvidia 285.05.09. The game runs just fine (although a bit choppy, as you may expect from that hardware) with that version of the driver. This is a clear regression in the nvidia driver.

This does NOT affect all models, however. I can play Rome: Total War Gold Edition in the same version of Wine on a GTX285 running 290.10 without any trouble. It is only affecting the 6150SE.

Perhaps the 6150SE is supposed to running the legacy driver now? I haven't really kept up with that.

I have attached a nvidia-bug-report log run after the game crashed a handful of times, as I was attempting different tweaks to see if it would run with some settings changed (it didn't). For the record, these were glsl=disabled and installing native d3d9x DLLs instead of using WINE built-ins, and again, they had no effect. The game continued to crash.
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