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Hello im certainly interested in either of the 470 GTX but only one. Mind telling me which ones they are.? Model #'s. I figure we might have a trade + cash deal we could do. I have 8 GB of this RAM and would be willin go to trade it + cash for one for the cards.

This is the fastest of all the DDR2 RAM, runs at 1100 Mhz and can be Overclocked to 1200, with a latency of 5. rivals most DDR3 1600 in total performance. Newegg said theres only few sets left in stock so i hopped on it. before they discontinue them forever. RAM can run so fast cause at 1100 MHZ it only uses 1.8-1.9 volts. Im a pay pal member. and im sure we can work something out thro ebay to set it up if ur interested.

I love this 8 GB set of this ram but to be truly honest im fully commited to making my DDR2 platform last as long as possible since i dont have the funds to do a overhaul with my new kid just being born. So ive wanted to try SLI for so long and 470 GTX are impossible to find new. and ppl are Ebay are plain making me depressed.

Another possiblle trade would be the 8 GB of that RAM (just 2 months ive owned them , and i so love them over the DDR2 800) for the MSI card and the RAM that you have(8GB of OCZ) + Cash.

This way you would have the best DDR2 RAM in you new rig and some cash to put toward your next generation card(s). This would be doing me a great service and you know what they say.. what goes around comes around.

P.S. I own 1 MSI 470 GTX and wanted to SLI the same make and model if possible.
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