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So very bored of the gaming selection right now. There just doesn't seem to be anything to fit the kind of game I'm craving. Everything seems to have such a heavy emphasis on MP, with any SP being an after thought. There are exceptions like Dues Ex, but such games seem few and far between.

I'm watching Star Trek: Voyager on Netflix and how awesome it'd be to have a FPS game based off of that. Encounters with the Borg and other dangerous species. It's a sci-fi with great variety- some situations the weapons and equipment are extremely high-tech and in others they're more like present day.

The last SP campaign I played that really wowed me- really hooked me, seems to have been Quake 4. I would love another game such as that- where you're battling on the ground, but also in space. I loved the part of Quake 4 where the Hannibal is under Strogg attack and you're rushing to your pod with the battle raging all around you. My only complaint is I wished that part played out longer, with you actually fighting the Strogg on the ship. You'd have a time limit, you'd have to reach your pod before the ship was destroyed or completely taken over. Not a set time limit as that'd be too predictable each play through.

I guess what I'm wanting would be a mixture of Quake 4 and The Elder Scrolls... that kind of game. It would be incredible imo. The battles to be had in space, the skies, on the ground, and under the ground. A large, and very expansive game like that would be an immensely addictive game for me.

Right now the closest modern game available seems to be AvP only it is definitely lacking in it's open-endedness. And the SP campaign seems to become tiresome after a while. I think it is mostly due to the frustrating save-game system than anything. Never did beat the marine campaign- I seem to recall getting to a point where I just couldn't make it to the next save-game checkpoint. But there is a lot that happens between the checkpoints so when I quit and started the game up at a later date I'd have to start back from the last check point and go through everything all over again. Easily 20-30 minutes of gameplay with no save-game checkpoint. Get's frustrating. lol

Meh. Prey 2 sounds like it could at least partially fill this "void" in gaming I'm having. Maybe if HL3 ever comes out, Doom 4 is planned and it could be very entertaining if they maintain it is a SP-first, MP as an after thought kind of game.

Another kind of gameplay I'd enjoy is co-op. Proper co-op during the campaign. In Doom4 imagine the NPCs that normally assist you? Well it could be a friend instead of an NPC. And they could acompany you throughout the campaign. Much like the survivors in L4D and L4D2 only for the duration of a full-blown SP campaign. I'd love to see something like that in a game like Doom 4, Quake 5 (if they ever make it), or maybe even in Prey 2.

Meh, guess I'll just go back to very little gaming. Mostly playing through what I already have in my collection. In the mean time I've got Voyager to help pass the time.

Anyhow just felt like creating a random thread to vent. It seems like so many people here are really enjoying the MP games like BF3 and MW3. I beat the MW3 SP campaign on my best friends 360 and it was very enjoyable, but I can tell the heart of the game seems to be it's MP.

Any other gamers feel this way? Not interested in today's popular MP? Just wanting a solid SP experience? A solid story line, a believable plot that develops and unfolds? Anybody else that misses the days of gaming where a game was a story that as it was being told, you partook in it? Unlike a movie where you're a mere observer, but you get to actually experience and be a part of the plot as it progresses? Anybody else miss those days? Seems fewer and fewer games are made like this. And it is unfortunate, in my opinion.
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