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Originally Posted by bob saget View Post
Dead Space 1+2, Batman, Metro?
I've played and beaten both Dead Space games, and enjoyed them immensely though for some reason I just don't feel like playing through them. The Batman games don't really... interest me. I've beaten Metro and am greatly looking forward to the next one.

I don't know what it is but I'm drawn to a futuristic sci-fi war game. Hence my obsession with Quake 4 and Doom. I'm not certain what it is... the Strogg remind me of the Borg greatly and at heart I'm a Trekkie. I guess I'm wanting a Quake 4 like game, if that makes any sense. There just doesn't seem to be anything out there. Dead Space comes close, and I've heard a great deal of good about the Mass Effect games, have not played those yet. I just don't particularly like the 3rd person point of view. In my opinion it detracts from the immersion- makes you feel more like an observer than the one actually experiencing the events unfold. First person puts you in the character, 3rd person has you watching the character. Enjoyable, but not as preferrable as first person POV. In my opinion, of course.

Originally Posted by Notdeadyet View Post
GoW, if you've never played it, has excellent co-op and was (mho) very well done.
Hmm... I have the first one. Started playing but never finished. It seems like a game I'd greatly enjoy if I could play it from the first-person perspective. The story, or what I know if it, does sound intriguing though.

Another series I greatly enjoyed but was not able to follow was the Halo games. Not the MP but the SP. One of my fondest gaming memories was the beginning of Halo aboard the ship when it is being attacked. That was so much fun traversing the corridors battling the enemy. I never did play any of the Halo games after that. If I recall Halo 2 eventually came out on PC but none of the others have. I guess I figured why purchase and play Halo 2 if I'll not play any of the others. And buying a console is out of the question- I don't have a TV and space in my trailer is limited. Beside- why spend several hundred on a console when my computer is beyond capable of playing every console game ever made if they were ported over? So I just opt to do with out.

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
Mass Effect?



But really, I like multiplayer way more than singleplayer.
Mass Effect I do plan to pick up. As I've already said 3rd person shooters aren't my preferred type of game but I can still enjoy them, and the Mass Effect games sound like I'd like them a lot. X3 I know very little about. Is it first or third person, and does it have a very well done SP campaign? If so I'll have to look into it. Skyrim I can get free through work once Bethesda has verified the copy of my pay stub I've sent to them. Oblivion consumed far more hours of my life than I'd care to admit, and I'm sure Skyrim will do the same once I get it.

But as you pointed out with your last sentence that seems to be the new trend. People seem to enjoy the hectic battles of modern MP games like CoD and BF. Old school SP gamers such as myself are fading out is what it comes down to. There will always be SP titles but they'll be much less than they were some years ago. Think I'm just lamenting is what it boils down to. It seems very few gamers feel as I do anymore. Kinda' sucks as I may have to find a new "primary" hobby. I've been feeling this way for years but haven't really pursued anything else. Probably time to.
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