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Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
That's strange. The only MP game I really play is iRacing, other than that I only play SP games with the exception of a few quick MP rounds in some games. Still haven't played MW3 MP and I'm starting to loose interest in BF3 MP already after just a couple of hours.

So I know what you mean and I buy games for their SP parts since I prefer them as well. And still, I barely had enough time to keep up with all those games in the Fall/Winter of 2011...

There were so many awesome games released, it's strange that you're bored with the selection right now
I was kind of hoping you'd chime in. I think part of it is the games that have been released aren't anything that really jumps out and grabs my attention. I'm not sure that there is any SP game out right now that would really fit the bill for what I'm after. Hard Reset may be enjoyable, thought about picking it up during the steam sale but didn't.

I've still got Crysis Warhead to play through and the SP portion of Section 8- but that seems like it may be tedious, the SP of Section 8 doesn't seem to be very well done. It seems more like training for the MP portion of the game. Not only that, on my other Steam account I've got several of the FEAR titles I've yet to play and all of the STALKER games after the first one. However, none of those seem to really grab my interest. Out of all the games I own I only feel like playing Quake 4 and AvP. Quake 4 I've beaten so many times it quickly becomes boring and as I mentioned in my first post AvP SP just frustrates me to much because of it's save system. Though now that I'm thinking of it the alien campaign was very enjoyable. Short, but very enjoyable. Might just have another play through of that.
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