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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
Finally got the displays and hooked everything up, calibrated them identically in brightness and colors and contrast with a friend who's a photographer and wow, these are some gorgeous displays with a huge amount of flexibility and increadible image quality, however there is an issue that i never though would be a problem....

Seems that i need to relocate the PC under the desk rather than beside the desk, as the video cable for the third monitor( the one that's further from the tower), will only display it's native resolution of 2560*1440 when said cable is a maximum of 6 ft long, regardless if it's Dual link DVI or Display port....At longer cable lenghts(tried with a 10 ft long one) it's limited to 1920*1080 wich looks like crap btw.

Just a quick heads up before i move the tower under the desk and closer to that third monitor.....

Get a pic in a dark room with them displaying a black image, long shutter speed too.

Also, my 10ft dual link dvi works fine for 2560x1400.
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