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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Isn't it similar for Australia? I thought you guys also have to pay much more for everything compared to US customers.
Our dollar is a lot stronger now than it was a few years back, so sometimes we only pay as little as 10% more (tax), othertimes it's still 40% or more for no apparent reason, depending on what the item is. Monitors are sometimes cheaper for some reason.. the Samsung S27A850D that shadow just bought three of can be had for just over $700 here. The Dell U2711 is also $50 cheaper on the AU site than the US site... However other monitors like HP's ZR30w and just about every 30" monitor are around $400 more, just a supply and demand thing really.

Video cards are around 10-15% more than US on average right now, which is better than they've ever been. I used to pay 600-700 for one step down from high end (9800pro 128MB and 6800GT OC) back in 03-04, then in 08 I could buy ultra high end for the same price because of the dollar (4870x2).

Anyhow if they cost $550 in the US the most they should charge here is $650, but with price gouging I'm expecting that to be the cheapest we will see them

I will hopefully be able to pick up a 7970 for a reasonable price, I really can't follow what Nvidia are doing and once again don't feel like I can wait for them. To me, GK104 although not their high end Kepler should be faster than 7970, but I believe the limit will be memory bandwidth. AMD suddely have the best memory controller out, until the fully fledged Kepler later in the year with a 512-bit bus NV have to at least match AMD in memory clock speed for the first time since DX9 times. I have a feeling that is what we will see - GK104 being up to 50% faster than 580, but often on par with 7970 simply because the memory bandwidth is likely to be exactly the same. Pair that with the fact that I really can't hold any water as to what exactly it will be and when exactly it will be released and I just can't justify waiting.
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