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Default Re: Official Radeon 7970 Review and discussion thread

Originally Posted by Viral View Post

I will hopefully be able to pick up a 7970 for a reasonable price, I really can't follow what Nvidia are doing and once again don't feel like I can wait for them. To me, GK104 although not their high end Kepler should be faster than 7970, but I believe the limit will be memory bandwidth. AMD suddely have the best memory controller out, until the fully fledged Kepler later in the year with a 512-bit bus NV have to at least match AMD in memory clock speed for the first time since DX9 times. I have a feeling that is what we will see - GK104 being up to 50% faster than 580, but often on par with 7970 simply because the memory bandwidth is likely to be exactly the same. Pair that with the fact that I really can't hold any water as to what exactly it will be and when exactly it will be released and I just can't justify waiting.

Well if we go by the naming designations of fermi based products, the original Fermi was the GF100, while the one in the GTX580 is the GF110, while the GF104 is the code name for the GTX 460/560/560 TI cards, and they're intended to compete with the HD6800 series, never mind the 6900 cards.

So if the GK104(k stands for kepler), is the followup to the GF104(F for fermi), it'll obviously be faster but like the info floating about claims, they're not aimed for the HD7970 at all to begin with, but more towards the HD7800 series....

The one to look for to beat the HD7970 will probably carry the GK100 designation, and that's the one that nothing is known about except a potential release sometime in Q2 or even Q3 2012.
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