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Here is another bit of info:
X 'works' fine with the VESA framebuffer (which is what the suse setup program suggests) and with the nv and nvidia driver using the X86Config that worked with my previous FX2 adapter. But when I use the nvidia driver 3d programs run extremely slowly.
The error message on the console when I start glxgears is
NVRM: couldn't find preallocated memory
I haven't looked at any X log files yet because I am put off by the fact that the FX5600 doesn't show up as an option in the setup program (SAX). Lots of other nvidia are available like FX5800 but not FX5600 and I don't want to invest any effort if the better option would be to get another adapter (The guy in the shop wasn't sure if it would work and it should be no problem changeing it). Needless to say it works fine on windows which is the only reason I got the new card (so my kids can play prince of persia: sands of time).
Any input appreciated.
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