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Default Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Originally Posted by hirantha View Post
Game is not very healthy looking in the long run

bioware_bans_swtor_players_accessing_high_level_co ntent_too_soon_explains_why

Leveling is too fast, i'm lvl 40 in 2 weeks. Did every quest/class quest and every bonus up till Planet Hoth so can't say i rushed.

The game is very healthy and in the long run I just see it being even bigger. Don't know what the banning issue has to do with the health of the game, though. The people who did those things lied about what happened. They claimed they were banned for going to the planet, but they were actually temp banned for exploiting content.

As for the leveling speed, it's no faster than any other game around. You obviously played a ton in that time or you skipped the cut scenes. It took me nearly 3 days to hit 30 which is right in line, or slower, than the last couple of MMO's I've played.
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